Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vintage TV Footage - Entry # 4 : Table Talk

I stumbled upon this on YouTube, it's a 1960's KGBT-TV program called "Table Talk". From the brief information that I was able to gather about this, it aired weekdays at noon and it was a locally produced talk show. The hosts name is Johnny Goodman and according to 1963-64 issues of Billboard magazine, he was the program director of KGBT-TV.

The guests are a local Rio Grande Valley band called "The Rivals", the young members being Mac Tichenor (his family owned the KGBT-TV station until 2003), Bob Boggus, Jack Boggus and Scott Hornadaya. It seems that one of the members of the band, Bob Boggus is the one we should thank for this unique YouTube upload. There seems to be some technical issues with the first video at the moment, as it only plays up to a certain point (1:26) but the second video works perfectly. 

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