Sunday, April 10, 2011


This is an old article from the Texas Monthy about Rio Grande Valley television programming and local politicians getting in the way of a PBS affiliate opening down here. It's basically about Harlingen Mayor Bob Youker being opposed and against the station, and the city being afraid about what this channel could produce. The fear of these ignorant politicians came from no white people being on the board of directors, it being the first ever minority-owned PBS station and because it would have been run by former Jacinto Treviño College instructors.

KZLN eventually got on the air in September of 1982, but due to lack of support and limited members (Texas Monthly later reported that there was only 400 members), it soon made its way off the air and very few people remember it. Also, according to a poster on this thread, most of KZLN's equipment was stolen during its short and brief tenure. After the demise of KZLN, KMBH made its air debut on October of 1985 and it's still on today as the Valley's PBS affiliate.

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