Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rave Scene vs Channel 5 News

It's still early in 2010, but one of the most amusing rivalries of the year is the Rave Scene vs KRGV Channel 5, which should win Feud of the Year for 2010. The anticipation was building quite strongly and a buzz was in the air when this promo started airing on KRGV Channel 5. 18 and 19 year old kids that would never dare keep up with the local news were all calling each other on the phone to make sure they would at least see this news program.

The great Will Ripley released this statement on his twitter:

"Been getting some hate mail and threats about the Raves and Ecstasy investigation. It airs tonight at 10. "

Dos', the promoter of the raves in question, knowing how terrible he looked in the upcoming Channel 5 News report, announced this statement on YouTube:

Then the video that got everyone all heated up, from parents worried about their kids to kids feelings that their scene was being morally judged, aired on February 4th, 2010 at the 10:00 PM newscast, and it made a shocking announcement that there is a connection between RAVES and DRUGS!?!?! Ok, I'm sure anyone that has even the most limited knowledge of raves would be aware that there is a connection with ecstasy and raves. But apparently, this was the worst thing in the world cause the scene thought they were being unfairly picked on and how dare they criticize something that involves electronic music.

Dos: "You know what dude, to tell you the truth....can I talk to you myself. I really, really don't fucking appreciate you guys coming out here, its fucking offensive. This is the only way we could expose eletronic music to the masses here in the Valley, so...we're trying to do our part."

Will Ripley: "So do you think the drug stuff is just an unfortunate side effect for that."

Dos: "Why the fuck do you keep bringing that up?"

Seeing Dos' react so immaturely in that Channel 5 newsreport, makes me wonder, who wrote his "official statement" for him on his little YouTube announcement. Seriously, he reacted worse than when Vince McMahon was being interviewed by Armen Keteyian on HBO Real Sports. The rave scene was up in arms, furious over Channel 5 questioning their lifestyle, and it was pretty hilarious. But now, this has turn from funny to downright lame with this myspace website that was created by a bunch of thin skinned ravers:

Maybe Dos', his followers, and the rave scene should follow the advice on Dos' t-shirt in his official YouTube response, "Don't get emo". Seriously, the people that are so deeply hurt about Channel 5 reporting on them should stop playing the victim, it's pretty embarrassing. I heard Will Ripley got a promotion based on this, good for him.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Faster, Curandero! Exorcist! Exorcist!

This is amusing, Channel 4 reports on a local faith healer and his tales of exorcisms. Highlights include footage of "exorcisms", and footage of The Exorcist intercut between interviews:


So "329" is spray painted everywhere here in East Side Pharr, so does anyone know what the numbers 329 mean in this case? Any help would be appreciated.


I figured this out for myself. Reverse the numbers and you'll get.

3 - E
2 - S
9 - P

ESP = East Side Pharr

Monday, February 8, 2010

CBS News with Walter Cronkite - 1968 Edcouch-Elsa School Walkout

This was originally broadcast on 11/29/68 and deals with the famous Edcouch-Elsa walkout. So this is a interesting video of a much talked about moment of Rio Grande Valley history:

Here is some background and a list of demands by the protesting students (this list was originally found on this very useful site)

We, the student body of Edcouch-Elsa Junior and Senior High School, demand of the officials and administrators:
1. That no disciplinary action be taken against any student or teacher that has taken part in this movement and that all suspended students and teachers be re-instated to their previous post or office and that any mention of such action omitted from school records. Also all intimidations should stop,
2. That no threats, intimidation or penalties be made against any student by teachers or administrators for membership or attendance of meetings of any club or organization outside of school.
3. That the students be allowed to select their own candidates for Student Council --- it should be the students Student Council.
4. That excessive and unfair penalties and punishments stop being given students for minor infractions or completely ridiculous reasons, for example:
a) student suspended three days for failure to keep appointment with teacher after school.
b) student suspended for three days for failing to stand at school pep rally!
c) if something (shorts, tennis shoes,) are stolen from lockers the students are punished (paddled or sent to do manual Labor) for not being able to suit up!
Likewise, that due process be followed in cases of suspension or expulsion of students, that is, that a student be given opportunity to defend himself and that evidence be presented to both administrators and parents. Also no paddling should be given student until explanation for punishment be given to parents, if students request such explanation.
5. That no teacher or administrator shall use profanity or abusive language in presence of students and in no case shall any teacher or administrator lay a hand on a student.
6. That, in the case of tardy or absent students, the students be allowed to re-enter class and no points taken off until his excuse is verified or not. Students should not be kept out of class till parents call school.
7. That either the price of the cafeteria lunch be lowered to a more reasonable price or that more and better foods be served.
8. That, as Chicano students, we be allowed to speak our mother tongue, Spanish, on school premises without being subjected to humiliating or unjust penalties,
9. That courses be introduced, as a regular part of the curriculum, to show the contributions of Mexicans and Mexican Americans to this state and region. For instance, factual accounts of the history of the Southwest and Texas, courses in Mexican history and culture. Also, that qualified, certified teachers be hired to teach these courses.

10. That all college preparatory courses be signalled out for students by
time they enter high school.
11. That more effective counseling be given students from understanding counselors that are able to relate to students. Present student-counselor ratio is too great, we need more counselors. Likewise, more assemblies on career opportunities, availability of scholarships', grants, loans, college entrance requirements, etc.
12. Finally that the blatant discrimination against the Mexican American students in this school stop immediately. We demand Justice.
13. That regulations for "passes" be set down clearly and defined so that no
question remains as to when passes are needed or not. The present system, or lack of it, is ridiculous.
14. That special attention be given the situation a great number of Edcouch-Elsa students find themselves in — that is, they are migrant workers.
a) Student choices of subjects in spring registration be respected and adopted in the fall term, these subject forms are often disregarded.
b) Migrants leave school early, they take part in an accelerated program
Advance tests are supposed to be given before they leave. Often teachers do not let migrants take tests or do not send tests to students
up north after them. All tests should be given to migrant students before they leave. ,
15. That school facilities be improved, renovated, replaced or installed where appropriate. For example:
a) Fans-teachers often use fans only for their own comfort, ignoring students.
b) Heaters-The heaters are for the most part outdated and not in working order. We need new heaters.
c) Restrooms-Some of the restrooms and toilets are not cleaned and inoperable; constantly out of repair.
d) Windows-Fix broken windows.
e) Walls-repair holes in wall. Give school buildings a face-lifting.
f) How about Hot water for the showers.
We want to be proud of our school.
1. Teachers have been driving buses for the district up till-now. We recommend that either students, senior students, or townspeople be hired to fill these positions.
2. We recommend that longer periods of time be given to get to classes between classes. Five minutes would be sufficient.
STUDENT COMMITTEE November 7, 1968