Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rave Scene vs Channel 5 News

It's still early in 2010, but one of the most amusing rivalries of the year is the Rave Scene vs KRGV Channel 5, which should win Feud of the Year for 2010. The anticipation was building quite strongly and a buzz was in the air when this promo started airing on KRGV Channel 5. 18 and 19 year old kids that would never dare keep up with the local news were all calling each other on the phone to make sure they would at least see this news program.

The great Will Ripley released this statement on his twitter:

"Been getting some hate mail and threats about the Raves and Ecstasy investigation. It airs tonight at 10. "

Dos', the promoter of the raves in question, knowing how terrible he looked in the upcoming Channel 5 News report, announced this statement on YouTube:

Then the video that got everyone all heated up, from parents worried about their kids to kids feelings that their scene was being morally judged, aired on February 4th, 2010 at the 10:00 PM newscast, and it made a shocking announcement that there is a connection between RAVES and DRUGS!?!?! Ok, I'm sure anyone that has even the most limited knowledge of raves would be aware that there is a connection with ecstasy and raves. But apparently, this was the worst thing in the world cause the scene thought they were being unfairly picked on and how dare they criticize something that involves electronic music.

Dos: "You know what dude, to tell you the truth....can I talk to you myself. I really, really don't fucking appreciate you guys coming out here, its fucking offensive. This is the only way we could expose eletronic music to the masses here in the Valley, so...we're trying to do our part."

Will Ripley: "So do you think the drug stuff is just an unfortunate side effect for that."

Dos: "Why the fuck do you keep bringing that up?"

Seeing Dos' react so immaturely in that Channel 5 newsreport, makes me wonder, who wrote his "official statement" for him on his little YouTube announcement. Seriously, he reacted worse than when Vince McMahon was being interviewed by Armen Keteyian on HBO Real Sports. The rave scene was up in arms, furious over Channel 5 questioning their lifestyle, and it was pretty hilarious. But now, this has turn from funny to downright lame with this myspace website that was created by a bunch of thin skinned ravers:

Maybe Dos', his followers, and the rave scene should follow the advice on Dos' t-shirt in his official YouTube response, "Don't get emo". Seriously, the people that are so deeply hurt about Channel 5 reporting on them should stop playing the victim, it's pretty embarrassing. I heard Will Ripley got a promotion based on this, good for him.


  1. I keep forgetting to bookmark your blog. I enjoy it too much sometimes.

    This back and forth was pretty funny and Will Ripley's over-the-top style was priceless.

    An expose on drugs at RAVES just seems kind of late 90s-core.

  2. Thanks. Yeah Will Ripley is so fun to watch. I dig him. :D