Sunday, September 6, 2015

CumbiaSazo! Tonight

CumbiaSazo! is stopping by tonight (9/6) at Yerberia Cultura in McAllen. They will headlining a line-up that includes The Collective Unconscious. I talked to two members of The Collective Unconscious about tonight's show and what Valley gente can expect from it.

Eduardo Martinez: To those that aren't familiar with CumbiaSazo, how would you describe their sound, aesthetic and philosophy?

Amir Esmaeili: Well they're a Chicago-based collective. The core crew and soundsystem of CumbiaSazo! have a sound which I think they refer to as 'Future Latino'. Their sound is a blend of traditional latin flavors and emerging genres like 'Tropical Bass' and 'Nu Cumbia'. To me it seems that they've gone out of their way to make their shows way more than just dance parties. Their events at Double Door and other venues around Chicago have become a sort of creative arts incubator that focuses on both cultural heritage and club culture. They involve visual artists and vendors contributing everything from food, fashion, and handcrafts to live painting, jewelry, and stage art installation.

Eduardo: What does CumbiaSazo! bring to the Yerberia Cultura that will be special?

Pedro Rodriguez: CumbiaSazo! is bringing to Yerberia Cultura a cumbia-consciousness and revival that's going to penetrate the hearts of cumbianer@s and like-minded individuals who value their indigeneity and culture. They're bringing solidarity to our dancefloor to get us all moving and reconnected with each other. They're bringing sounds and energies to empower our identities, vision, and movement.

Eduardo: How can y'all describe what The Collective Unconscious sets out to do with their performances?

Pedro: We are messengers of sound. Our role is to help heal our community with music that speaks to the heart and soul. To me that means sharing music that empowers and is non-oppressive to your fellow peers. I personally don't feel comfortable playing music that's misogynistic, sexist, or LGBTQ-phobic.

Eduardo: Who will be some of the other acts on this evening and what can you tell us about them?

Pedro: Chale Tamale will be opening up this cumbion. He's an old-time friend that I grew up DJing with during my college years. We spun records together at places like Haute Trash, Ambiente, and way too many house parties to remember. He's got a lot to offer as a local DJ and, not to mention having coolest DJ name ever. I know for a fact he'll deliver.

Eduardo: What type of evening can attendees expect on Sunday night?

Amir: Inclusivity, a safe space for all, and a celebratory atmosphere. While the emphasis of this gathering is on Latin-American culture, art, and music there will be a little something for everyone in terms of musical selections for the evening.

Pedro: Aside from DJs we also have some very important members of the local community collaborating with TCU and CumbiaSazo! for this event. Fellow ARTivists Laura Sofia, Roni Cortez, and Eddie Martinez will be sharing their vision with us on the night of the event. I feel very privileged to be able to work with these individuals because they're so talented and inspiring.

Eduardo: Any other final words that you would like to add?

Pedro: Shout out to family and close friends for supporting us in this dream. And extra thanks to Yerberia Cultura and Patrick Garcia for helping make this event possible.

Amir: Nos vemos este domingo!

The Collective Unconscious is:

Pedro Rodriguez (Inca Princess)
Amir Esmaeili (Kid Citrus)
Patrick Garcia (holdme)

What: CumbiaSazo
Where: Yerberia Cultura in McAllen
Time: 8:00 PM
Date: 9/6
Cost: 18 plus is $7.00, 21 plus is $5.00.
Website: Facebook Event Page