Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vintage TV Footage - Entry # 3: 23's the Place! Doming A Domingo!

Longtime RGV newscaster Darrell Davis uploaded some dainty 1982 KVEO 23 TV-Promos that are making me nostalgic for a time period in which I wasn't even born yet. The first set of promos has a breakdown on the KVEO programming schedule and of the different news personalities. One of the vignettes that caught my eye was a locally produced series called "Valley Magazine". If some footage exists of that it would be great to see some more vintage Valley footage. Also, the novela highlighted here looks so deliciously tacky.

Now, here's the opening intro and closing video of the KVEO News 23 program. The 1980s aesthetic is way too charming. I love the sounds of the closing bit, it brings back memories of Atari 3600.