Thursday, April 14, 2011

La Historia de Esteban Jordan (Entry 1)

I've been wanting to write an entry about Esteban Jordan on this blog, but my knowledge of him is still very limited. But even though I'm a new fan, I must say that Jordan's music has been having a huge effect on me this past year. I don't think I would be able to get across his career and life in one simple entry, so this is the first in what will be a very long non-chronological series of entries on his career and life. A unique artist like him deserves much more attention that he is currently receiving and I feel like it is my duty to bring more recognition to his brilliance. One of my hopes for this series is to also have contributions from far more knowledgeable people than myself to give a better understanding of Jordan.

This past week, a great gentleman that uses the username rcortez on YouTube was kind enough to upload Esteban Jordan performing some Jazz on Austin City Limits in 1979. The first video has him performing one of his famous hits, Ran Kan Kan, and showcasing his masterful accordion skills. The second video presents us with the rare opportunity of seeing Jordan performing on the guitar. Jordan, who is a very confident man who once boasted to NPR that his musical skills were "so far advanced that nobody could catch up", cries out to the audience, "George Benson, eat your heart out!", during his performance. So enjoy these two great videos featuring the world class, one of a kind musician from Elsa, TX.

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