Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vintage TV Footage - Entry # 2 : Valley worried that Ted Nugent concert might get out of control!

This video makes me want to ask a lot of questions. What exactly were the major problems that happened in previous concerts? Did the people of the Valley have a terrible reputation in regards to how they acted during concerts? What were the massive arrests from years past? Probably drug related. I do love how the radio show host Denny Christensen has to beg the audience to behave responsibly so that we could be trusted to have more concerts in the Valley. Apparently, some undercover cops were there to check for minors using drugs, but it's a shame Will Ripley wasn't around back then. He surely would have caught them all in charismatic and dramatic fashion, and I would have been so pumped up.

Also, a little side note, that reporter Peter Torgerson ended up winning a $37 million Texas Lottery jackpot! Since he bought that ticket with a friend, he ended up splitting it and keeping a healthy sum of $19.4 million. Obviously, he retired soon after hitting the jackpot but I wonder what he's been up to.

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  1. Not sure when this concert took place, but in the mid-80s, there was as Huey Lewis & the News concert at Pan Am where fans rushed the stage & several girls fainted. Then at a NKOTB concert at a 4th Of July festival, the crowd again rushed the stage & became so unruly the band had to end the concert just seconds after it began.