Monday, September 27, 2010

Jose Canseco playing for the Laredo Broncos

What an insane life this guy has had. He has gone from one of the most famous world class athletes in the world to becoming an incredibly controversial figure due to performance enhancing drugs to him getting destroyed by a giant in the middle of Japan in the Mixed Martial Arts company DREAM...

He's endured a lot of other embarrassing stuff that would take up too much time to go over in detail. But now, even with all the problems he's gone through, it's still shocking to see a guy who was once an elite athlete playing for the Laredo Broncos.

He hit his first homerun in over 9 years against the White Wings last month.

Seriously though, after all the terrible shit he's been through, this must have been a nice moment for him, so good for him. Everyone there in the stadium really seemed to love the homerun and Canseco, so this was pretty nice.

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