Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan Postcards

I want to share these post cards con mi gente (to steal a phrase from Rick Diaz). To those that don’t know, Frank B. Alexander crashed a plane into The Shrine of the Virgin of San Juan on October 23, 1970. Alexander was a former school teacher here in the Valley, a position he resigned in the spring of 1970. I wrote about this before and quoted a newspaper article here


  1. I was in kindergarten ... and our class had just finished having lunch in the cafeteria. we were walking back to our classroom when the plane crashed.... I remember the crying, the panic, the fear.......

  2. As migrants, that fall we were in Lubbock, Tx where my dad was working the cotton gin season. I remember my parents getting the news and watching my parents cry. We never felt so far from home as on that day.