Monday, February 25, 2013

Esteban Jordan on Johnny Canales

Me encanta este video. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if I found out Jordan was high here. I love how he starts off by saying Elsa, TX is "el ombligo del Valluco". One great moment after another, from Canales joking about seeing Jordan in Born in East L.A. to Jordan saying a song of his is a "rancherota". The best thing in the video by far is Johnny Canales' reaction to Jordan's record label "El Bro". It leads to a really great accordion joke that is just perfect. Canales has some of the best shtick I've ever seen, he's so smooth and knows how to tease with the best of them. His mind is always working and he's great with word play. Genuinely funny and charming. Jordan is Jordan, which is always great to see. 

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