Friday, May 18, 2012

Interesting eBay Auction with McAllen-based records.

Check out this auction I stumbled on last night. It's for a 45 record by The Headstones. It features "Bad Day Blues" and "My Kind of Girl", and after only three bids, it's going for $173.49! That's pretty impressive and I wonder how high it'll go. This reminds of the time that that a vinyl of Christopher and The Souls went up for $1225! This is one of the songs on the 45.


This user also has Playboys of Edinburg (which is already up to $56.00 after six bids), Cruisers, Simon Reyes & The Outerlimits, Noe Pro, Paulino Bernal, Cristo Salinas, Gabino Suarez y Los Relampagos, Mario Saenz, Wally Gonzalez, Dueto Estrella, Cornelio Reyna, Freddie Fender and Los Tremendos Gavilanes.

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