Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage TV Footage - Entry # 6 - McAllen High School (1980's)

Time machines have not been invented yet but here's the next best thing if you want to see what all the cool McAllen kids were doing in 1980's. They were shooting videos for KMAC, their broadcast television class in McAllen High School and goofing off in videos that are the epitome of cheesy and corny. And I love cheesy and corny.

Everytime you wince, take a shot. You'll be drunk before the video is over. 

A more serious video from our good friend. 

Now back to more fun. The following videos will make your eyes roll, make you tilt your head with one eye close, and make you laugh (not sure whether you will be laughing genuinely, ironically, sarcastically or with pity). 

Let's hope our good uploading friend puts up more of his great videos on YouTube. Thanks. 

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