Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frankie Caballero on Acordeones de Tejas (2012)

As some of you readers know, this blog is a huge supporter of the skills of East Donna's Frankie Caballero. He's an exceptional accordionist that has recorded with so many different artists. He made two appearances in 2012 on the local PBS affiliate show "Acordeones de Tejas". First episode, has him performing with his son Frankie Jr. on a double bill with Rio Jordan (the sons of Elsa's Esteban Jordan, his kids, and his protege Juanito Castillo). That episode is fantastic, the way Caballero makes the accordion sound is simply beautiful. The second video is a rare interview with the enigmatic Caballero, it starts at the 12:08 time mark. Thank you Lupe Saenz for this show.

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