Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vintage TV Footage - Entry # 5

This guy on YouTube uploaded this KRGV teaser. He has an interesting "About Me" that caught my eye:

Analog TV-DX seen by me from Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Orlando FL, and from the Outer Banks of NC (2 separate vacation weeks), from about 1988-1995. Also some top-notch TV-DX seen by a fellow TV-Dxer in St. Petersburg FL (who almost never reported loggings to clubs and bulletins) in roughly the same time frame. I am pretty much a hermit these days, so I am not revealing my name, nor do I desire contact. (Old WTFDA members will probably be able to figure it out based on the DX locations and time frame.) You will also find here slideshows of vintage 70's and 80's TV-DX still photos, and a few audio-only TV-DX clips. 
If you are scratching your head and saying "WTF" about these videos: "For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't, no explanation will suffice." Dates and distances for these loggings are lost to the ages. The clips are the result of lo-res rips of a 2nd-generation VHS dub, so I apologize for any quality issues.
I always love reading about peculiar hobbies people have. My hobby of searching for Valley stories and trying to watch every major MMA event in history might sound insane to some.

The reason why I'm posting this isn't just because of it's a vintage clip of Valley news. It's because of the coincidental nature of it. I wrote about it in my Vintage TV Footage - Entry # 2 post. For those too lazy to click on that link, basically the coincidence lies in Peter Torgerson reading a news item about someone from the Valley winning the lottery, something he would end up doing himself. Many years after this video clip, he would go on to win a $37 million Texas lottery jackpot (that he ended up splitting in half with a pal).

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