Monday, December 7, 2009

The Church of Fire in Pharr, TX (1980s)

I'm on the search for more information about this, but this is all I got now. This was a church in the late 1980s in Pharr, TX that caused major hysteria in the town and freaked out an alarming amount of parents. One of their major fears was that their child was somehow going to be harmed by this church in some sort of ritualistic ceremony of sorts. I've heard conflicting reports about the nature of this church, some swearing it was a Satanic church while others positive it was a Christian church that was mistaken for a Satanic church due to its name. Jenny Martinez from the local KRGV Channel 5 did a report on the Church of Fire around the the time of this infamous public outcry, and had her house burglarized shorty after the report had aired. Some conspiracy theorists would like to make the claim that the Church of Fire was responsible or that they were in some way connected, but to be honest, I'm not the type to make such an assumption. Dr. Shawn Carlson claims that one of the reasons why the people of Pharr panicked about this Church of Fire is that they "began to hear rumors that blond-haired, blue-eyed children were to be ritually murdered" in the Church of Fire. But, that makes no sense and sounds like a falsehood to me. That rumor might work in a northern Texas town, but I doubt Pharr parents would be scared about hearing such a rumor. I think what would scare Pharr parents the most is that "dark-haired, dark eyed children were to be ritually murdered". That sounds more plausible and makes much more sense given the demographic. All kidding aside, they probably just heard that kids were going to be harmed and no racial or physical distinction was made Dr. Shawn Carlson!

Long story short, the town of Pharr was furious, and the Church of Fire ended up being burned down and destroyed forever. From my limited understanding of this story, no one was ever charged with this act of arson.

Eduardo Martinez


  1. Wow this is funny, only cause I've researched this before and never got anything. I lived close to the church when this happened and have some stories of my own. It's a memory that I've had and I've wondered about it. If it was a satanic church or not? To the one that posted this how do you know of this? Did you live by the area?

  2. Yeah I live in Pharr, I was a little kid when this took place and I heard about this via family members and friends. A lot of people seem to believe it was a Satanic church, I'm not so sure since people in the area get carried away with rumors and I heard there is a possibility that it was some sort of obscure Christian-type church. But I honestly can't say either way.

    I'm very curious to hear your stories as it relates to this church. If you could, please share away here.

  3. I was also young when I lived there. We moved when I was 13. Yeah that church did rise some eyebrows.. Interesting story.

  4. It definitely is that, interesting.

  5. i was raised in this church, real name was the tree of life; and it had nothing to do with satanism murders nor obscure Christian-type church. At that time there were lots of cults stealing kids as per media but this church was not i was a child myself at that time and im still here. Growing up i took friends for our services and they would comment on how different our church was because we dance and utter in the spirit which a lot of other churches do as well. Uniformed and uneducated people burned a building because of their stupidity but the church still lives and we are here to praise the lord save lifes and give a hand to the needy. may you all have a blessed one and happy holidays

    1. Joe Scott. Dott Scott

  6. I was just visiting my hometown of McAllen, and was told that there had been a satanic church in the middle of town, I guess close to Hackberry.
    I grew up there, but I don't remember anything about this. The building I was shown looked like a castle, and I've been curious about that. We are talking about late eighties, maybe to early nineties...
    I've been trying to find information on this, but this is the closest thing I've found. Nothing on the news, and everything really is mostly linked to la santa muerte, but that's about it.
    If anyone has any other info, please share.

  7. I remember this church when I was young. I heard it was burned down by tcb's. I remember passing by several times and never seeing any cars only at night. I thought it was called the age of fire or something like that. There was a sign that had a rainbow and a fire outside. I remember passing by after it had been burned that there was a bathtub in the church. I thought that was weird.

  8. I went in there once when a hermit who i knew who ran by the name Putt Putt would pass thru town. He stayed for about a week in that place and he said he would hear moaning and growls during the night. I did see their version of their bible. Seemed to be Wiccan.

  9. It was part of the "witch hunt" and television circa that was created after the findings of the "sateria cult" found in Matamoros, Mexico.

    TV journalists flew in from the United States, Europe, and even Japan. Constanzo was "sighted" as far north as Chicago, where rumors placed him in league with the Windy City Mafia. Sara Aldrete was "seen" lurking around schools throughout the Rio Grande Valley, word-of-mouth reports claiming she had threatened to kidnap and murder 10 Anglo children for each of her disciples jailed in Mexico. An alternative church at Pharr, Texas, was burned by nightriders after tales spread that its congregants were witches in thrall to Adolfo Constanzo.

    It was at the end all midia circus that started with a real scabrous finding in Mexico.

  10. We lived close bye, me and my brother would go jogging as kids to LBJ junior high we would pass bye there and go inside to drink water, people would be inside having there service. One time I could have swore we seen people in dark brown robes. To this day it still freaks me out. It was called the age of fire. The sign with a rainbow and fire with hands coming out scared us as kids, until it was finally burned down, who knows what went on in that church.

  11. There was a town in nrth texas in the 80s where a couple kids had died and it was blames on the cult that was in that town. There was a rummor going around that they needed a blonde hair blue eyed kid to sacrifice. That rumor was true thats where it came from.