Thursday, January 14, 2016

Spurs vs Cavaliers

Ridiculous game. Brother and I are leaving right now. Spurs were struggling in the first half, were down 15 points at one point. Tony Parker specifically kept us in the game early on. Manu Ginobili also had some bright moments early on. I was all worried they were going to lose since most of the team was cold. Finally things picked up in the second half, and the Spurs came back to win 99-95 in a nail biter. Kawhi Leonard had some great moments in the final two frames. Tim Duncan had this tough clutch bank shot at the end that was just lovely. Epic game, and so happy they won, especially since it's difficult making out to games. It's a risk watching sports live, because you can spend money to buy tickets and then watch your favorite team lose, and that's an awful feeling. But if they win, especially a difficult game, it's an amazing feeling. Spurs are now 23-0 at home. Also, props to LeBron James. The second the game was over, he immediately hugged Duncan, then started talking to him, and went around genuinely congratulating a lot of the Spurs. Tambien David West is so solid, feels like he's been a Spur forever. Here's a post-game selfie with my brother and me.

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