Friday, August 15, 2014

Aaron Alberto Barrios Wins An Award In Los Angeles‏

Aaaron Alberto Barrios with his award.
Two weeks ago, I wrote about the three young, up-and-coming Starr county musicians that created the viral video "Cantando en el Whataburger". In the days that followed, one of those artists found more success in Los Angeles, California.

Aaron Alberto Barrios, the twenty year-old Regional Mexicano singer from the video, took off from the McAllen-Miller International Airport on Monday morning, August 4. He made a brief stop in Dallas, before arriving to Los Angeles for the 6th annual "Premios De La Calle" award show. The August 6th event aimed to honor the newest, brightest prospects in Spanish-language music.

Barrios was in attendance due to being nominated in the "Solista Con Mayor Futuro" ("Soloist With The Best Future") category.

"Mi primera vez que me nominaron," ("My first time that I was nominated,") Barrios said. "Gracias a dios que estuve nominado." ("Thanks to God that I was nominated.")

He has been singing since he first got lessons at the age of three. So while he's just fresh out of high school, he already has plenty of singing experience to point to, both here locally and from his regular visits to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in Mexico. He's especially proud of times he has spent performing with Gerardo Ortiz, a major name in the Regional Mexicano scene.

Some of the musicians that the Roma native rubbed elbows with last week include Kevin Ortiz, Nena Guzman, Luis Coronel, Cheyo Carillo, and Beto Sierra.

"Mucha gente me conocia," ("A lot of people knew me,") Barrios said. "Yo no pensaba que me conocian, pero es por mis videos que a subido en mi pagina." ("I didn't think they would know me, but it's because of my videos that I uploaded on my social media pages.")

Barrios has created a solid presence on several social media platforms like Instagram (AaronBarriosOficial), Twitter (AaronBarriosNet), and Facebook (AaronBarriosMusic). At the moment, Barrios has over 5000 likes on his Facebook fan page.

According to Barrios, there was a long list of nominees, and he was taken by surprise when he was announced as the winner.

"La verdad, para mi, estoy bien orgulloso de haberme ganado este premio," ("To tell you the truth, for me, I'll filled with so much pride to have been able to win this award,") Barrios said. "Este evento es muy grande en Los Angeles, California. El año pasado fue el primer premio de Luis Coronel en los 'Premios De La Calle.' Este año fue el primero mio." ("This is a very big event in Los Angeles, California. Last year it was the first 'Premios De La Calle' award that Luis Coronel won. This year it was my first award.")

Barrios arrived back in the Valley on Thursday, August 7. He went right back to work on his upcoming release, which he is recording at Duelo's recording studio. He estimates that it should be out before the end of the year. Barrios tells me that he favors romantic songs and corridos, so expect to hear that from him in the very near future.

As for what this honor means to him, Barrios feels it's opened up a new chapter in his career.

"Se me van abrir unas puertas con este premio," ("Doors will be open for me thanks to this award,") Barrios said. "Me estan ofreciendo ayuda gente de Los Angeles por el premio. Estoy bien contento." ("People from Los Angeles are offering me help in my career due to this award. I'm very happy.")

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