Friday, January 24, 2014

TV-DX'ing II

From Wiki: TV DX and FM DX is the active search for distant radio or television stations received during unusual atmospheric conditions. The term DX is an old telegraphic term meaning “long distance.”

Back in 1999, I used to mess around with antennas and get a signal from a station in Corpus Christi on Saturday nights. I would do this to record some professional wrestling programming that aired there but didn’t air here — ECW Hardcore TV and old 1980’s episodes of CWA/USWA (Memphis, Tennessee promotion).

That was just a 100-plus miles. Some TV-DX’ers gets signals from 1000-plus miles away. Most of these screen shots come from someone who recorded them off their TV in Florida.

Credit: oldfldxer and wa5iyx.


  1. I remember I came across something similar to this one time but I was doing a search for very low frequency (VLF), it's applications and on how to build and antenna for it. It's interesting even in certain parts of the Rio Grande Valley your able to pick up channels from Mexico even!

    Do you see yourself TV/FM DX'ing channels from other regions anytime soon?

  2. Wow. I was just thinking of the old attorney Frank Enriquez commercials and the furniture stores where the guy said he was the owner, manager, and janitor.