Monday, December 23, 2013

Los Hermanos Ayala Promo Photo and "Guerra De Las Galaxias".

Funky, conjunto cover of the “Star Wars” theme by Los Hermanos Ayala. This was recorded at Discos Falcon (McAllen), and it’s so great.

Los hijos de Pedro Ayala don’t really get talked about much today, but every once in a while I’ll think about them and think how overlooked they are when discussion turns to local conjunto musicians. I guess maybe it’s cause they are from an era that had a lot of depth (Conjunto Bernal, Ruben Vela, Tony De La Rosa, Esteban Jordan, the list goes on and on). They also might be in their father’s shadow, who was known locally in the 1950’s as “El Monarca del Acordeon”. But still, they are such a tight conjunto with a really graceful accordion sound. I actually prefer them over a lot of more popular and well-regarded conjunto acts of their time.

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