Monday, June 3, 2013

Don Chon

-"Quién te cortó el pelo?"

-"Don Chon."

-"¿Cuánto te cobró?"

-"Un tostón."

-"¿Como te dejó?"

-"Bien pelón."

-"¿Cómo te lo cortó?"

-"Con un caserolón."

-"¿Porque iso eso Don Chon?"

-"Porque es cabrón."

My dad says his family used to say this fictional rhyme when he was a kid. The title character's name came to be because their neighbor was known as Don Chon.

My dad remembers sneaking in to his neighbors yard, with his brother Chano, to see Don Chon sharpening his knives. When Don Chon saw my dad and tio, the old man jokingly threatened to castrate them. While my dad laughs about it now, he remembers being scared and freaked out after hearing Don Chon say that. 

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