Monday, January 21, 2013

No quiero ser mentiroso

I recently went to a boxing event with my friend Leo, who co-manages The Gotch Special with me. As I entered El Gallito Ballroom in Edinburg, in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, I immediately regretted not bringing a sweater. Sitting on a hard, steel folding chair for 4 hours in a ridiculously cold venue was going to be tough.

My friend Leo went on to work the time keeping for the event, so I was sitting there in the front row alone. Then a 70 year old man sat next to me. As soon as he sits down, he hands me over a Dr. Pepper, then starts showing me photos and videos of his deer hunting adventures and of gator gar he's caught. This was a man of greatness, his hands were as rugged as any mans I've seen. I must point out, that everything he said was in Spanish, I'm just changing it over to English for this blog. One of the ushers came towards me and said I couldn't have that soda can, because I might throw it at one of the boxers and seriously injure him. So the usher handed me over a plastic cup to use instead. This old, 70-year old man talked back saying these boxers are pretty much killing themselves with never ending punches, some damn aluminum can wouldn't do shit to a guy who's had his face smashed by fists.  

Then when a ring girl passes by, the man tells me she smells like a "carnival" (he says this as a compliment!?!?). When he sees Charlie Clark is there, he mentions that he heard Clark had his finger cut off by the Zetas (I've heard this rumor before), but then the old guy says that Clark must have gotten a surgery to get his finger back. At one point, in between fights, he starts playing an air guitar. Why? I have no idea.

He also had some awesome ostrich boots, I complimented them and he convinced me he killed the ostrich himself. Then afterwards, he laughs at me since I believed him, says "no quiero ser mentiroso" ("I don't want to be a liar") and admitted he bought them.

What an enjoyable evening in Edinburg. 


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  2. Funny. I love how you approach life --- as one big adventure after another. And I'm convinced I've met the same gentleman with the ostrich boots, or at least his brother :-)