Friday, February 18, 2011

Nodrog II

For those not familiar with this story, here's the introduction needed for this grand tale of Nodrog. I just finished reading two interesting articles from the Brownsville Herald, one from November 4th, 1996 and the other from the March 30th, 1997 that deal with Nodrog. Some old/new information is always welcomed about Nodrog, so I thought I should update you fans since the first entry is one of the most popular on this site. So, as a shameless lover of bullet points, please allow me to get down with the information:
  • In 1967, when the Category 5 Hurricane Beulah was set to hit the Rio Grande Valley, Nodrog went to City Hall and had a few things that he wanted to get off his colorful chest. This hurricane was classified as the third largest hurricane on record (for that time), but Nodrog was claiming that it was not the hurricane that was causing this radical change of weather. No, the real reason this weather had taken a turn for the worse was because a spaceship had landed on his property!
  • Two people that are documented as living at the compound are a couple by the name of Daniel and Lynn Hoverson. They are identified as trying to distance the group they belong to ("The Outer Dimensional Forces") a part from the troubled and dangerous Mark Alan Lingenfelter. Originally, Daniel Hoverson had charges pressed against him for the Lingenfelter bombing, but those charges were dropped. They talked a bit about their lifestyle to the reporter, and about how they do go out into the open. It is also mentioned that they have one child and that they are friendly. So what is Daniel Hoverson up to now in 2011? He presently has this website: He trains, consults, and troubleshoots things like computers, phones, iPods, and the like. If you take a look at his contact page, he lists his snail-mail address as 1500 North Texas Blvd. in Weslaco, Texas. Yes, it is the exact same address of the Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation. So if you're in the neighborhood for a Mac expert, he's your man. 
  • This isn't in any newspaper article this is just something my dad and I were talking about earlier today. My dad used to be a water meter reader, and when he would visit the houses to read the meters, he would have a sheet of paper that the City of Weslaco would give to him. On that paper, it would say the person's full name that owned the house, and it had an area next to it where he would mark down how much water was used. Back before they had their water cut off, the paper simply and mysteriously stated the name "Nodrog".
  • One interesting bit is even in 1996, they were questioning if Nodrog was still alive. Also, it informs us that he would have been considered to be 88 years old then, so he would be approximately 103 years old in 2011. Obviously, it's not impossible but the chances of him still being alive seem less likely with every passing day. If he has passed on, what are the chances of him being buried inside that enclosed area in Weslaco? 
  • You know, there is talk in the article about something that's been brought up before about how City and business leaders desperately wanted this land for a shopping center, but that the members of this group refused to give up the property. And you know, I'm extremely happy that they didn't give up the property for some random generic chain store that are common place across the nation. It makes Weslaco and the Rio Grande Valley much more cooler and fascinating with Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation there instead of another odious Starbucks (no offense to people who like Starbucks but speaking as a jerk who has never drank a sip of coffee, Nodrog's a hundred times cooler than coffee).
  • In 1996, Nodrog's house/property were valued at "more than $98,000"!
  • Mark Alan's dad, Merlon Lingenfelter wrote what sounds like an awful 10-page rant that is filled with anti-Semetic rubbish. He accuses the Jewish community of the RGV of some ridiculous inane conspiracy theory.
  • Nodrog was reportedly very upset when Wal-Mart offered to buy his territory. 
  • On July 16th, 1985, a raid was done on Nodrog's territory that included federal agents, city police and health officials. During that raid, they discovered some "unique" type of living conditions. Some of those living conditions include a school bus, beehives inside the house, and no plumbing system. The government actually started searching for "explosive material", and started digging up Nodrog's base, but nothing was discovered. But they did find "a list of 4,000 people interested in buying a $5 packet of the group's propaganda". The best thing though is that after this ordeal, City Hall got so many prank calls that for "two weeks, city officials stopped answering their phones."

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    Miracle at Donna

    One of the most popular blog entries on this site is the Donna Redskins' State Championship win in 1961. I've mentioned this before, but my dad is from Donna, TX so I've grown up hearing this story many times. So when I found out that they were making a documentary on this very topic I immediately thought "How Cool!". So I quickly got in contact with Frank Aragon, the director and producer of "Miracle at Donna", and he was kind enough to give Pharr From Heaven an interview and answer some of my questions.