Friday, October 21, 2011

Andy Paris: Bubblegum King

Andrew Paris in McAllen
Photo Credit: LIFE

I stumbled upon this since I heard about Andy Paris being a big deal in McAllen in the 1940's. I was curious since the name was foreign to me, so I googled him up. Much to my surprise, I found this neat film trailer.

This rave review from MySA gives some most of the backstory:
Andy Paris didn’t invent bubblegum. 
But the debonair South Texas businessman made it popular the way Henry Ford made the Model-T ubiquitous – by mass producing it. In Paris’ case, after World War II in McAllen. 
Suddenly bubblegum – chewing gum mixed with latex from Mexico -- was widely available, cheap (one-penny) and fun. In post-rationing America, the timing was perfect.It made Paris, the son of Greek immigrants, an unlikely millionaire.
This looks like such a fun and enjoyable documentary, I want to see it soon.


  1. Thank you so much for the support Eduardo! We had a great run at Texas film festivals and I would like to let everyone in the Valley enjoy the film. Please go to this link to watch the film, feel free to download and/or share the link with friends! I hope everyone enjoys this incredible story that came out of the RGV!!
    Dino Reyes

  2. sorry, had trouble with VIMEO, here is an updated link to view the doc!!

    1. Hahahahaha. You had trouble because we reported you as s fraud. Shame you Dino Reyes. But we won. You lost.
      - Princess Jennifer

  3. Please see full documentary here:

    1. Hi Dino. You in or out of prison yet for your copyright infringement of our film? Hope you liked our finished film we distributed, available through Amazon Prime, Vimeo, Apple and a myriad of other platforms. . Gabrirl Ramirez is an awesome director. See his work with his students at PSJA. Cheers!

    2. ^Director Gabriel Ramirez