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The Ballad of Nodrog

Orville T. Gordon is a hero of mine, and I don't throw the word "hero" around lightly. Orville T. Gordon founded the Outer Dimensional Forces (aka Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation) on September 3rd, 1963 in Weslaco, TX. The cult has been extremely controversial over the decades, and at one point the CIA even went in to raid the place. For many years, the Wal-Mart that is right next to the Armageddon Time Ark Base, has tried their best to buy them out and just get rid of them. The best Wal-Mart could do was just buy 1/3 of the area but ODF still has a rather large portion of the area there and it sticks out in a rather glorious visual. Some people view them as an embarrassment, but I'm rather fond of genuine insanity.

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Orville T. Gordon renamed himself Nodrog (yeah it's Gordon spelled backwards...), refused to sell out and for decades has been claiming that the creator will destroy the Earth with the greatest of all floods (this is our punishment for the nosey CIA bothering Nodrog and his friends) and he and his followers will be flying away in UFOs to live happily ever after. Apparently, Nodrog claims that the area he owns right next to Wal-Mart, Church's Chicken, and Pizza Hut is the landing pad for the aliens to arrive. Gordon would go to the local pulga and sell stuff like honey and fruits but he would also sell space on the UFO for anyone interested in leaving the Earth when the time came (which Nodrog claimed was SOON!).

Also, could one ever forget the association that Nodrog's cult had with the Lingenfelters family? That family joined the cult and one of the members of that family, Mark Alan wanted to teach the mayor of Weslaco a lesson. So Mark Alan decided it would be a good idea to plant a pipe bomb and explode the mayor's car in front of the paintshop that the mayor worked for. After the car blew up and after Mark Alan was arrested, Mark's father released this statement to the local newspaper: "Your President, all supporting Bloodsuckers of the United States, plus all Bloodsuckers of Canada and Mexico, have been duly served and convicted in the Outer Dimensional Forces Foursquare Court at Alternate Base, of Triple High Treason". My dad who has worked for the City of Weslaco for the last 30 years, was telling me that after this incident they finally decided to cut off Nodrog's water supply (so he hasn't had water for as long as I've been alive) and that the whole city headquarters was packed with extra security for a while after this incident.

One thing that fascinates me about him, is that the possibility that he is a carny sometimes enters my mind, but why would he do this for this long? I imagine he really has to believe this, I mean, wouldn't selling your area to Wal-Mart be more profitable than selling UFO tickets at pulgas? Or maybe Nodrog was at one point a carny, and this reminds me of something I read at PWO from Kevin Cook:

"When you read about the early years of the CIA and the men who built it, you read a lot of stories very similar to those of wrestlers who have died. Suicides, insanity, broken families, murders, disappearances; it's really horrible stuff. Anyone who got too involved with covert action or counterintelligence, anyone who really understood the inner secrets of American foreign policy, ended up horribly damaged in some way. There are a lot of theories about why this is but I think it's simple enough; when you demand someone give up their ability to maintain a true personality to do their work they're going to get fucked out of all recognition."

So if it started as a con, maybe Orville T. Gordon got so into playing the role of Nodrog that he lost all touch with reality and forgot that he was a carny in the first place?

Anyways, the greatest of all time, Nodrog has released this statement, but unfortunately, I don't have a "Batshit Insane to English Dictionary" with me, but if you can translate this bullshit for me, feel free to comment:

After 6000 years under free moral agency, ending on September 3, 1966, occupants of The Positive Birthright Terrortory on Time Station Earth were found, by the OUTER DIMENSIONAL FORCES, to be abusing themselves by still existing in The Stone Age, thereby automatically being MEASURED as humatons.

These humatons did retain some knowledge of The Circle, shown by use of The Wheel, but have only been employing it in a negative manner by producing friction, and by gathering and distributing Dump Energy for the sole purpose of debt creation against the Bondslaves.

This ignorance, by self-restriction of Perfect Knowledge, has produced the end product of capitalization of costly, deadly, time-wasting experimental research, with its voluminization of material and noise pollution, man-made sickness, disease, and death.

Humatons did go so far as learning how to square the circle, mainly from the measurements of The Great Pyramid, but have restricted its benefits to the negative use of numbers to satisfy their perverse greed for the evil power of man's inhumanity to man.

The OUTER DIMENSIONAL FORCES have returned to find that the occupants of The Birthright Territory have degraded their environment to a terrortory of evil. They have de-monadized the soil, water, air, and buffer zone.

Timrascope tests prove that Homo Sapiens is afflicted with that fatal Armageddon disease (AIDS II) and is now measured as an endangered species.

For 23 years the humatons of the U.S. have refused to activate the protocol for the tapping of the Universal Time Bank for unlimited energy.

Seal no. 6 is now in functional position for activation at 6:00 P.M. preceding S. Day for the rendering of Time Station Earth safe for future habitation.

When there is no vision, the humatons perish.

When the original is lost sight of, humatons come to worship a fancy of their own.

As they have discarded their ancient perfect factual knowledge, they have substituted and confined themselves in a juzgado of ultimate Babylonian mysteries religious philosophy, based upon the restricted limitations of belief and faith.

The jailers who force the humatons to sweat and exist in this stone age juzgado (the great American dream that has turned out to be a nightmare) are the She-Man Devils, who perverfractionated the perfect knowledge, the false prophets of the many of the End Time, who are preventing you from knowing by restricting you to belief and faith, and the Big Brother Police State to insure that you remain in the Dark Stone Age of The Wheel, with its friction, pollution, disease and death as a reward for being a good bondslave.

The slavemasters could not exist without the continued creation and voluminization of debt claims for expansion of the Gross National Product.

This method now has become largely The Capitalization of Calamity based upon inefficiency and poor-quality, short-life products. The achievers who built the nation--the efficiency experts--were necessarily mentally executed by the end of World War II.

If you do not understand this plain English which you are trying to read, it proves that your mind is constipated by the enforced limitations of religious unreality.

In such case, it is not always safe to physic your brains with too much knowledge, as it may result in a fatal case of varicose brains. Use Extreme Caution!

Humatons (degenerated mankind) have proved themselves totally incompetent as stewards of the Positive Birthright Territory, and have turned it into a Terrortory of hate, false love, disease, death, and mutilation of bodies fro profit.

They emulate the Chinese Warlord System in that whichever Lord has the most tax money to hire the most burglars and gunslingers (SWAT teams and various raiders) takes the most loot and prisoners to pack the Great American Gulag Archipelago.

The Great American Dream has become a nightmare of bloodsucking and terrorism.

The constipated minds of the bondslaves are kept in a state of bumbling with created terrorism in other nations while solidification of The Big Brother Police State is activated in The Birthright Terrortory.

The Indians are blamed by the white man for mutilating bodies, but the Indians only mutilated because of their ignorance caused by religious limitation.

The white man mutilates, not only because of being mentally retarded by his mysterious religious philosophy, but moreso to intentionally create debt claims toward voluminizing the Gross National Product.

In this present perverted society, debt claims are created from birth to death, whether you are in the slammer or out.

The hospitals and fake health care fraud have become a vast industry of birth and death factories for creation of debt claims.

In argument, the friendly undertaker puts down the doctor by informing the doctor that the undertaker has to bury the doctor's mistakes, and the undertaker eventually buries the doctor.

"Who buries the undertaker?" is like asking, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

Well, it's all good for debt creation in the bloody religions of fornication with The Harlot and worshipping The Beast.

After all is said and done, if all the humaton Mattoids and Mentats escaped the self-created consequences of the due action of Seal no. 6, would you not be in the same wretched mess as now?

Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation
1500 N. Texas
Weslaco, TX 78596"

Unfortunately, Nodrog hasn't been seen since the late 1990s, so he could be dead. But no outsider ever enters there, so how would we ever know? Or maybe, just maybe, the UFOs arrived and saved him while we await our demise. That'll do, Nodrog. That'll do...

Here is their official website in case you are interested in joining this cult!

Eduardo Martinez

PS - On December 26th, 2009, the Governor of Public Relations for ATA Base Operation contacted me and posted some corrections to the piece below. First correction he made was that Nodrog's property had never been sold and that the Hidalgo Co. Water District unlawfully sold it to Wal-Mart, this sounds true. Then, he claimed that no one can produce any evidence that Nodrog's legitimate name is Gordon despite it being printed in several books, which is his right to say but I must be honest and say I don't believe him. Next, he went on to say that it is slander to call his organization a cult, so out of respect to him I guess I should refer to it as an organization. Fourth, he said that the following statement "...would also sell space on the UFO for anyone interested in leaving the Earth..." was totally false and that I was ignorant for stating it here. Finally, he corrected a date (it was September 3rd, 1963 instead of September 3rd, 1966, I was wrong here and it has been corrected in the original article) and claimed that Nodrog did not find the base but assisted in creating it.


Anonymous said...

If you are responsible for all the content of this blog, are you willing to stand correction on some things you have posted here and in the photos?

Governor of Public Relations, ATA Base Operation said...

Actually, i can post the corrections. 1) None of Mr. Nodrog's property has ever been sold to anyone. Wal-Mart never paid a cent to Mr. Nodrog for any of the property they unlawfully occupy. The Hidalgo Co. Water District unlawfully sold an easement to Wal-Mart for their frontage road access. 2) It is slander for you or anyone to say his real name is Gordon. You cannot produce any evidence to prove what you say! 3) It is slander for you to say The ODF Operation is a cult. 4) It is ludicrous for you to claim Mr. Nodrog "...would also sell space on the UFO for anyone interested in leaving the Earth...", and you simply show your ignorance of the facts. 5) Mr. Nodrog did NOT found the ODF, but did assist in establishing the ATA BAse Operation on September 3, 1963.....not 1966. You should study the information made available to the public at and get the facts straight.

Eddie said...

First of all, I want to say thanks for your corrections.

1) I was informed incorrectly about Wal-Mart buying an area of the property, so I am happy to know that ATA Base Operation had nothing to do with Wal-Mart getting a hold of that property. I'm sorry to hear that the Hidalgo Co. Water District unlawfully did that.

2) How is it slander for me to say his name is Gordon? I thought it was common knowledge, as a lot of people from Weslaco know this, including members of the City. Also, it has been stated as fact on a couple of published books like "Mavericks: A Gallery of Texas Characters" by Gene Fowler and "In Advance of the Landing" by Douglas Curran.

3) As for the word "cult", it does seems like a strong word with negative connotations. That's the way it may appear to people outside of your organization, including myself, but nevertheless, I apologize for offending you.

4) I had heard from some people that Mr. Nodrog would go to the local flea market to sell honey, wheat berries, to advertise his organization and to sell space for a vessel. It was based on hearsay and just chit chat talk with local folks (or as Rick Diaz and I like to say "mi gente"). I wasn't around when that was taking place, so if it is inaccurate information, which you claim it is, I apologize for my error in reporting second and third hand accounts.

5) You are correct, it did take place in 1963, my information and books on my end say that as well. It must have been a bad typo on my end or maybe it was because the "STATE OF TIME STATION EARTH" statement was fresh in my mind when writing this and it said September 3rd, 1966 there. Huge mistake on my part, so I apologize.

On page 94 of "Mavericks" it just states:

"Orville T. Gordon came to the Rio Grande Valley from Wisconsin in the 1930s and opened a lumberyard in Weslaco, according to data gathered by Douglas Curran. After conflicts with local and federal tax authorities in the early 1960s, Gordon closed the business and began expanding his philosophical horizons. As Orville T. Gordon transformed himself into O.T. Nodrog, the lumberyard morphed into the Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation. In 1963, according to Nodrog literature,Yahshua Hamashiia, said to be the son of the Creator,Yahweh, ordained Nodrog as Earth Coordinator, or channeler, of the Outer Dimensional Forces."

So was Nodrog assisting "the son of the creator" Yahshua Hamashiia in establishing the base? I had a feeling, and still have a feeling that there is so much to this complex story that a book should be written on this and it should be as accurate an account as possible.

Thank you for your corrections Governor of Public Relations, ATA Base Operation. I really appreciate you pointed them out, as information on your organization seems difficult to find. I will take a closer look at your website to see if I find any interesting writing material.

Governor of Public Relations, ATA Base Operation said...

Thank you for acknowledging the corrections.

As to the points:
1) Yes, most people are misinformed about Wal-Mart's actions in this matter. To clarify further, the Hidalgo County Water District #9 ONLY enjoyed an easement on the east end of Mr. Nodrog's property—not ownership! This fundamental law of private property was simply ignored when they confiscated and then sold this easement to Wal-Mart.
2) It is slander in that it is both untrue and harmful to a reputation. It was "common knowledge" many centuries ago that the earth was flat. Most people "knew" this to be true, including church and state officials. Did that make it true? And are you actually saying that because something is written in a book that it is a fact? Please!
I accompanied Mr. Nodrog, years ago, when he went to speak directly to the late Nolene Hodges, who for years had been a reporter for local Valley newspapers. In her articles, she constantly identified Mr. Nodrog as "Gordon". That day, Mr. Nodrog challenged her to produce evidence of her claim that his real name was Gordon. She said she did not have to prove it; that her word was enough! I was there in person. I heard her statement with my own ears. She could not produce any evidence and neither can anyone else. Your "common knowledge" is a long standing lie.
3) "Cult" is indeed a strong word and has had its negative connotation intensely cultivated by the news media and by the Ruling Cults—to denigrate their opposition. I believe that when any intelligent person uses this word, they do so with the intention of casting aspersions.
4) Yes, as you say, you heard wrong. And there it is in a nutshell: most everyone has heard it wrong! Rumor, innuendo and hearsay. This is all most people have. This is what they remember; this is what they believe. They don't seem to care for the facts.
The facts have been announced, published, declared and made available through multiple mediums since the spring 1967. Just because there is not a book at your favorite bookstore, doesn't mean the information is being hidden. And now the facts are also available at

It is encouraging to see you have made corrections on this page. You have been quoted in various sources, so it behooves you to have the facts straight. Your sarcasm has a negative influence, even if it is your "poetic license".

A few others corrections worth mentioning...
• Mr. Nodrog never said nor wrote that the Creator was going to "...destroy the earth with the greatest of all floods..." What he does say is quite different.
• Mr. Nodrog has never said these were "aliens" nor identified the ODF with "UFOs".
• The ATA Base website does not contain any information nor directions about joining.

Yes, Mr. Nodrog has refused to "sell out". He is a man who stands for something worthwhile. He holds sacred honor and duty above "profitable" worldly things.

Eddie said...

1) Thanks for clarifying your point.

2) Actually, you have a great point there. There are many books out on the market, where I know something stated as fact is absolutely false. Especially in the modern era, where anyone can release a book and put a bunch of nonsense in it.

I imagine there are a bunch of interesting stories about spending time with Mr. Nodrog. Did Rio Grande Valley reporters back in the day usually get access to him and you? Were reporters respectful?

3. I apologize for using the word cult. I'm a guy that gets after people for criticizing other people's lifestyles and religions on many occasions. I would sometimes preach to people to be more open minded about the people and world around them. And here I was criticizing your world and being very harsh to your organization, especially when you and your organization have never done any harm to anybody. I was being hypocritical and I apologize for my negative tone.

I honestly didn't think a lot of people were going to read what I wrote, so I'm surprised to read that "You have been quoted in various sources". My original intention with this piece, was to write a quick little article to introduce some of my friends and acquaintances to this information. Other than a small circle of people, I didn't imagine it would get much attention.

But I really must thank you for your cordial replies, your kindness actually makes me feel very guilty over my original harsh tone. While it's obvious that I don't know much about Mr. Nodrog, I must admit that I find Nodrog really fascinating from the very little I know about him. He's someone that holds on to what he believes in, cares more about it than money and that is truly something unique in the world today.

I was thinking of a new idea for a blogpost, would you be interested in doing some sort of online interview? I could send you some questions via email, if you don't like a question for any reason, you can just simply ignore it. Then, I can post my questions and your answers in one new blog entry (with the corrections of the previous entry as an introduction), along with anything else you want people to know. I think it would be a more open minded and nonjudgmental look at your organization, along with whatever information you think would be good.

If you're not interested in doing an interview type blogpost, it's ok and not a problem.

Anonymous said...

Discovered this site from info posted at NODROG Fans, a FaceBook Group.

Anonymous said...

i want more information on mark alan the man who attempted to kill a family member of mine.

Eddie said...

How did Mark Alan attempt to try to kill a member of your family?

Edgardo said...

I have heard some strange tales about this case.
There have been UFO sitings, someone could investigate and interrogate witnesses, but in the end the establishment throws it out whether substantive or not. The current Obama administration has taken the position that alien aircraft do not exist. However at your next back yard bbq, ask some old codger about the Alien Base in Weslaco. One thing it is for sure: A part of Rio Grande Valley folklore and legend

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get that interview?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! Very very interesting.

Harmnone said...

I just received a card in the mail from this organization! Something interesting happened 2 weeks ago and then this bizarre mail arrived... What is this actually? A bit freaked out! August 2017

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